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Over 80 years of history ‧ Australia's first health care brand

Health system-based natural remedies  

Blackmores was founded in the 1930s by British immigrant Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977). With his vision and enthusiasm for health, the company became Australia's first health care brand, which has stood for more than 80 years.


Maurice Blackmore believes that herbs and minerals can promote health, so he has developed a series of natural treatments based on the health system. In the 1930s, his insights on natural health, preventive drugs, the environment and renewable energy were quite new. His efforts opened another door to the broad road to effective treatment of diseases and promotion of health.

In addition, Maurice Blackmore opened the first health food store in Brisbane, Australia in 1938, and established a naturopathic school and organization with colleagues and friends in Australia. To this day, his beliefs are still fascinating, and many naturopaths still incorporate his theories into training courses.

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