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Minimalist research formula

Create a new concept of skin care

Australia's flagship medical skin care brand, with more than 20 years of high-level scientific research technology, uses high-efficiency active ingredients and natural antioxidants to make the product quickly effective and achieve obvious results.

Over 80 years of history‧

Australia's first health care brand

Health system-based natural remedies

South Korea’s top medical skin care product HARACELL, carefully selected natural ingredients, is based on environmental protection. It is the perfect combination of nature’s pure power and modern scientific research. use.

Multiple hospitals*

Unanimously respect and adopt medical skin care wisdom

Blackmores was founded in the 1930s by the British immigrant Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977). With his vision and enthusiasm for health concepts, the company became Australia's first health care brand, which has stood for more than 80 years.

Maurice Blackmore believes that herbs and minerals can promote health, so he has developed a series of natural treatments based on the health system. In the 1930s, his insights on natural health, preventive drugs, the environment and renewable energy were quite new. His efforts opened another door to the broad road to effective treatment of diseases and promotion of health.


Purlés' professional skin care products are produced in French laboratories that meet the highest production standards. 80% of the products are produced in France and 20% are produced in Spain.

Our products have many years of scientific experience in volume control and continuous independent dermatological testing. At the same time, the Purlés trademark demonstrates our innovative technology and expertise. Customer satisfaction and safety are very important to us.

Scientific Skin Care X SPA

Exploring the beauty code from a medical perspective

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