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Insufficient oxygen can interfere with the regeneration process of the skin. The skin will age faster, turn yellow, and lose its luster. The new HydraOxy Intense moisturizing oxygen injection series is designed for this type of skin as well as dry, dehydrated and mature skin. The complex made using advanced technology can ensure the enhancement of cell respiration.


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A lightweight moisturizing cream. Hyaluronate and its derivatives effectively moisturize the skin, form a protective film, and make the skin surface smooth. After 3 hours of use, skin hydration increased by 30%. This product is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. Because of its light texture, it is also recommended for dry and oily skin or as a primer.


Directions for use: Apply a small portion of the cream on the face and neck and massage in circular motions until the product is completely absorbed.

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A highly nourishing moisturizer, suitable for dry and mature skin. Naturally sourced hyaluronic acid and glycerin can restore moisture to the skin. The glycoprotein complex stimulates the synthesis of many macromolecules (laminin-5, hyaluronic acid) necessary for the skin, ensuring its firmness, smoothness and reducing the symptoms of skin aging. Brown algae extract can enhance the anti-aging effect and can also oxidize the skin.


Directions for use: Apply a small amount of cream on the face and neck. Massage in circular motions until the product is completely absorbed.

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The formula contains technologically advanced cell renewal complex in amino acids. It improves the skin microcirculation and stimulates mitochondria to synthesize ATP, which increases the energy transfer level by 110% after 4 hours! The product can also protect stem cells from the harmful effects of UVB and make the skin healthy and shiny. Adding urea, PCA sodium, sodium hyaluronate or sodium lactate to the formula can provide moisturizing effect.


Directions for use: Apply the product to cleaned face, neck and shoulders, and massage gently until absorbed. You can use the product manually (massage) or import the ingredients using a device that facilitates transportation (needle-free mesotherapy, ultrasound).

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