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Cookies, privacy policy and terms and conditions

You are very welcome to visit "MW INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED" (hereinafter referred to as this website In order to allow you to use the services and information of this website at ease, we hereby explain to you the privacy of this website Protection policies to protect your rights, please read the following carefully:


1. Scope of application of privacy protection policy


The content of the privacy protection policy, including how this website handles the personal identification information collected when you use the website services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to related linked websites other than this website, nor does it apply to personnel who are not entrusted or participated in the management of this website.


2. Methods of collecting, processing and using personal data


When you visit this website or use the functional services provided by this website, we will consider the nature of the service function, ask you to provide the necessary personal data, and process and use your personal data within the scope of the specific purpose; Written consent, this website will not use personal data for other purposes.


This website will retain your name, email address, contact information, and time of use when you use interactive functions such as service mailboxes and questionnaires.


During normal browsing, the server will record relevant actions on its own, including the IP address of the connected device, time of use, browser used, browsing and click data records, etc., as a reference basis for us to improve our website services. This record is for internal use and will never be published.


In order to provide accurate services, we will conduct statistics and analysis on the content of the collected questionnaires, and present the statistical data or explanatory text of the analysis results. In addition to internal research, we will publish statistical data and explanatory text as necessary, but does not involve specific Personal information.


3. Data protection


The host of this website is equipped with various information security equipment such as firewalls, anti-virus systems and necessary safety protection measures to protect the website and your personal data. Strict protection measures are adopted, and only authorized personnel can contact your personal Data and relevant processing personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement. Anyone who violates the confidentiality obligation will be punished by relevant laws.


If it is necessary to entrust other units to provide services due to business needs, this website will also strictly require them to comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that they will indeed comply.

4. External links on the website

The web pages of this website provide Internet links to other websites, and you can also click to enter other websites through the links provided on this website. However, the privacy protection policy of this website is not applicable to the linked website, and you must refer to the privacy protection policy in the linked website.

5. Policy on sharing personal data with third parties

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies or public agencies, but those with legal basis or contractual obligations are not limited to this.

The proviso in the preceding paragraph includes but is not limited to:

With your written consent.

The law expressly stipulates.

To avoid danger to your life, body, freedom or property.

Cooperating with public agencies or academic research institutions is necessary for statistical or academic research based on public interest, and the data is processed or collected by the provider and cannot identify a specific party according to its disclosure method.

When your behavior on the website violates the terms of service or may damage or hinder the rights of the website and other users or cause damage to anyone, the website management unit analyzes and reveals your personal information for the purpose of identifying, contacting or taking legal action. Necessary.

Conducive to your rights.

When this website entrusts a manufacturer to assist in the collection, processing or use of your personal data, it will do its best to supervise and manage the outsourced manufacturer or individual.

6. Use of Cookies

In order to provide you with the best service, this website will place and access our cookies on your computer. If you do not want to accept the writing of cookies, you can set the privacy level in the browser function you use to High, you can reject the writing of cookies, but it may cause some functions of the website to fail to execute normally.

7. Amendment of privacy protection policy

The privacy protection policy of this website will be revised at any time in response to needs, and the revised terms will be published on the website.

contact us

If you have any questions about inquiries or this statement, please email to

Customer Service Manager


Whatsapp: (852) 6767-1924

All terms and conditions above

If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

The company will have the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time without any notice.

About delivery, delivery time and freight

Free shipping offers, discounts, promotions and preferential terms

All offers cannot be used at the same time

Limited-time discounts or free shipping discounts (unless the specified end time is specified), generally, the entire checkout process must be completed at 23:59 on the end of the day to enjoy the discount.

After discounting the order amount, you can enjoy free courier service for HK$800 or more. Only applicable to Hong Kong area, and delivery in certain and remote areas requires additional charges.

The discount or free shipping offer is calculated separately for a single order, so it is not possible to combine orders to enjoy discounts for 2 or more orders.

If the discount offer has a minimum purchase requirement (for example, order amount or product quantity), you need to meet the minimum purchase requirement to enjoy the offer. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts (unless otherwise specified).

※You confirm the option information such as the color and quantity of the product before purchasing. Once the payment is successful, you cannot change the order options, and the default is to agree to this return and exchange policy.

※Replacement can only be applied for at the official website customer service center

Exchange and return policy

Return and exchange process

For products that meet the conditions of exchange, please be sure to contact customer service (email) within 3 days from the date of receipt, and provide the following relevant information, we will confirm the processing for you as soon as possible.

Please provide the following information for the customer service staff to review:

1. Order number:

2. Name of orderer:

3. The name and quantity of the product applying for return/exchange:

4. Reason for exchange:

5. Receiving address, contact number, contact name:

6. Whether the product has been opened:

7. Please provide product photos so that the customer service staff can confirm the integrity of the product

Exchange applications are not supported in the following situations:

1. Commodities more than 3 days from the date of receipt

2. Commodities that have been opened or the packaging has been damaged, affecting secondary sales.

3. Discounted goods and goods purchased with points.

4. Return the goods without prior application for return and exchange.

5. The official website has listed products that cannot be exchanged and returned.

Notice for return and exchange

1. Under normal circumstances, after we receive your returned goods and confirm the return application, you can choose the goods with the same listed price, or make up the difference and choose the higher-priced goods for exchange.

2. Shipping costs for returned products must be paid by the sender. If you choose to return the goods by collect, our shop will refuse to accept the goods.

3. If your order contains gifts, please send back the gifts together when returning. If you do not return the gift, we will add the amount of the gift to the replacement product, which may increase the price of the replacement product.

4. Once the merchandise you ordered is returned or exchanged, the relevant coupon code or purchase money cannot be used again.

5. Additional purchase price, package discounts, discount gifts for members when they are full, purchase specified products to get gifts orders:

-When the main product is returned and only the additional purchased products are retained, the additional purchased products will be restored to the original price calculation.

-Package discounts, discounts, if the discount or amount of the activity is not reached after the return, the reserved goods will be restored to the original price calculation, and the difference will be added to the standard price of the exchange product.

-Additional purchases or discounted products, limited-time limited products, cannot be returned or exchanged.

contact us

If you have any questions about inquiries or this statement, please email to

Customer Service Manager


Whatsapp: (852) 6767-1924

All terms and conditions above

If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

The company will have the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time without any notice.

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