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Skin type

skin type-乾性皮膚-1.1.png

Dry skin

Insufficient secretion of skin sebum leads to dullness, tightness, peeling and dryness.

skin type 中性皮膚.png

Normal skin

Normal skin has elastic and firm skin, even skin tone, and the skin is neither oily nor dry.

skin type 油性皮膚.png

Oily skin

The sebaceous glands are overactive and the whole face is obviously oily, often with blackheads, acnes, and enlarged pores.

skin type 混合性皮膚-1.1.png

Combination skin

The level of water and sebum is imbalanced on different part of the face, mainly oily on the T-zones (forehead, nose and chin), and dry on the cheeks.

Acne skin

Mainly due to excessive sebum secretion, hormonal imbalance and stress, which can cause acnes, blackheads and enlarged pores, and even form papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

skin type 敏感性皮膚.png

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin allergens are mainly genetic or caused by skin care products' preservatives or fragrances, which leads to dryness, tightness and eczema. The most common are rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis.

skin type 孕婦.png

Pregnant women

During pregnancy, hormone shifts in the body, so that the skin condition is unstable. There might be more facial fine lines, dark grain, and more waist belly pattern. Be careful not to use skin care products that affect hormones and cause harm to fetal child.

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